Desert background


I was thinking to use this in a game. But I don’t know if it would fit. But I just might use it as a first image to have something to play with. This will be the background and I can try to get the parallax to work with this. Now I need to do some platforms so the character can jump around. I also need to animate my chili guy.


Space Walk have been released

space_walk_titleI have published my 4 game to Google Play. This time it is a flappy bird clone that I call Space Walk. Your goal is to go thru an obstacle course. This is one of the small game I did just to get something finished. It took me little more then 3 weeks todo.

I use LibGDX as framwork to code my game. It is a very good and easy coding library to use. It is well documented and the guys on IRC are very helpful. I hope the art stile are fine and you will like to play some time with it.

The music is from Jamendo and some free CC licensed tracks. The artist are Fremito Adeus and the track are called Cassette 8bit. You can just go to Jamendo and download this track for your self if you like it.

You can take a look at the game on this promo video or you can go to the android page and download the game and have a go for your self.

Space Walk promo movie

Planet Control 1.3.0 released

totalDominationSelectI have released Planet Control 1.3.0. The major things was a rewrite of the single player game. It had a lot of problems to be built on so I had to to something with it. It should be easier to maintain now.

It is always some bug fixes here and there, but another big thing is that I have skipped the big advertisement banner between game plays. I only have the small banner now. Hope you enjoy this new version where you can drag and drop things around to easier target the planets you controlling.

Download and have a Planet Control now.


Planet Control 1.2.0 released

totalDominationPlayingThreeWayI have now released version 1.2.0 of my game Planet Control. You can now play multiplayer in this last version. There are some problem with it that I need to work out but at least it is a first version that can be tried out. I have some other stuff going on in the next version. Some problem that I need to work out. It is way to easy to win against someone else. Need to make it more tactical. I have a few thoughts how to handle it, just don’t know what way I want to take.

Hope you find this version fun to play.

You can find Planet Control on Android play.

Keep game in sync

There can be hard to keep the game in exact sync. I found this article with Glenn Fiedler that describe how you keep everything in sync even when graphic very in speed.

Everything is written for C++ but I use LibGDX where some step are built in, so I had to convert it. I did skip the last part he talk about because my game just don’t benefit from it. The code went very clean in the end.
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