New version of CorpNet 1.7.0


A new version of CorpNet have been released. This version contain peer-to-peer with full mesh in a local network. So every peer are connected to every other peer. I have finally get this to maven central for easier usage. This will make it a lot easier for people to get started with this library. Some refactoring and bug fixes have been fixed, and lastly there have been upgrade from java 1.6 to java 1.7.

To use maven just add this to your pom.xml file.

CorpNet v1.4.0 released


I have released CorpNet v1.4.0 today. In this version have I added split packages. If a packages get to large for one package it will be split in multiple and sent over. This work for both reliable and unreliable packages. If an unreliable package get lost the entire big package will be lost and not delivered.

I have found many bugs when I did this part that have been fixed also. I have tried to load the connection with much data and the connection seems to work fine. So head over to GitHub and download the latest version of this.

CorpNet v1.3.0 released



I have got the library to work with Android now. I had to go to Java 1.6 to get it work without any hazels. There might be possible to get it work with a later version but I had no luck with this. I only tried it with combination of LibGDX and my library. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it or if it is something else I just miss.

Only noticeable are the support for Android. Moved from Java 1.7 to Java 1.6 to get it working and a couple of bug fixes. You can find exactly what have been changed on GitHub for CorpNet.


CorpNet version 1.2.0 released


CorpNet version 1.2.0 are released with the following things added.

  • Added keep alive
  • Added better resend timers
  • Bugfixes

You can find more information how to use this library on GitHub.

CorpNet are a Reliable UDP protocol for Server <-> Client written in Java. If you do fast game play then TCP can have some drawbacks. This library are written to overcome some of those problems.

CarpNet v1.1.0


I have released version 1.1.0 of CorpNet. CorpNet are a java client server with reliable UDP and unreliable UDP built in. To celebrate this last version have I been doing this logo for it.

This last version handle disconnect. If the server shutdown or one of the clients disconnect then it should signal this to respective side. There are some bug fixes also. But this is the big new thing in this release.

Go to GitHub and download the jar to get started with your client server game of your own.

CorpNet on Github

I have put the first version of CorpNet on GitHub. This is an UDP network protocal for java games. It is designed to be fast with easy to use API. It is designed for Server <-> Client connection and are optimised for this. You will always send byte arrays between server and clients. But instead to incapselate this there will be utility classes that handle marcheling between object and byte arrays and back again. I have made this decision so that the developer can make there own byte array with no overhead and only the values that need to be sent. This is much better if you for example should send 10 packages to every client every secound. Then every byte make a differense on performence.

If you want to find out more how to use it then go to GitHub/CorpNet and check it out.



Keep game in sync

There can be hard to keep the game in exact sync. I found this article with Glenn Fiedler that describe how you keep everything in sync even when graphic very in speed.

Everything is written for C++ but I use LibGDX where some step are built in, so I had to convert it. I did skip the last part he talk about because my game just don’t benefit from it. The code went very clean in the end.
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